Things to Enjoy in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a sunny favorite in The Sunshine State Florida, famous for its beautiful beaches, beautiful culture and full entertainment. The city is located miles away from Miami and is a perfect destination to travel if you are looking for warmth in the winter months, but also want a city feel.

Enjoy sand between the toes.

Jacksonville is located on Florida’s northeast coast with 14 kilometers of sandy beaches lined with green palm trees. There are eight to choose from that extend to both north and south of the city. Also, most beaches are general and free. The beaches are Blue Wave Beaches, so they are clean and beautiful. Since the city boasts 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, there are many opportunities to relax with sand between the toes, swim in hot water, play volleyball or take surfing. The beaches here offer everything you can imagine! You can also dive directly from the shore and discover the deep reefs. For example, consider a sun trolley to the beach, a reddish old bus.

Shopping and entertainment on Jacksonville

If you are looking for shopping, you can do it on the main streets of Jacksonville. The two-lane boulevard begins at the beach and then stretches inwardly. It is bordered by a wide range of designer shops, art galleries, cafes, seafood restaurants and live music bars.

Take a walk along the Riverwalk

Want to experience Jacksonville on foot? Then we recommend a walk in the Riverwalk harbor area. Here you will find great restaurants and some of the city’s most popular attractions such as museums and the Florida theater. The first Sunday of each month is the jazz festival on the quayside. The area is central, so it’s easy to get here, but please leave the car a bit away.

Eat well outside

Here you will find various types of restaurants in all price ranges, around 3000 to be more accurate. Also, you can taste delicious dishes from all over the world! Many restaurants are right by the canals, and you come by boat it is easy to add.

Take a trip to Everglades

Are you interested in animals and nature? One of America’s largest national parks is Everglades 30 minutes from the city. In this excellent spring area, you can find a wide variety of different animal species and go on a wooden boat trip. The animal that gets the most attention here is the alligators!

See more of Florida!

Many cruise ships depart from Jacksonville and then take you to great destinations in the Caribbean. You can also rent a car and enjoy fast highways that can take you to other parts within or outside of Florida. For example, Florida has over 1500 golf courses if you are golf enthusiast.